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Denzel Washington: The Black Millionaire Blueprint for Success

Just how great is Denzel Washington? The greatest actors of this generation sing his praises. Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks (Philadelphia, Forrest Gump) said working with Denzel was like going to film school. Two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster (The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs) told rolling out at a movie premiere that Denzel “is simply the best actor I’ve ever worked with.” Academy Award winner Julia Roberts attested to many media outlets that “I cannot live in a world where I have a Best Actress Oscar and Denzel doesn’t have one for Best Actor,” she said before he won that coveted trophy for his blistering performance in Training Day. He is in the rarified air occupied by the likes of Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. And everyone knows it.

To top it off, he is untainted and unscathed by scandal and buffoonery. He has erected an impregnable fortress around his personal life that no media hound has been able to scale nor penetrate.

Denzel is unquestionably an actor’s actor. And this is his story.

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