Jonathan Mariner, executive vice president and CFO, Major League Baseball leads the discussion, The Business of the Game – Owner's Panel.

Entrepreneurs and students traveled far and wide to attend the historic Diversity Business Summit that took place yesterday in Chicago.  A highlight of the summit was the Business of the Game Owners’ Panel, led by Jonathan Mariner, executive vice president and CFO, MLB. Panelists included Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman, White Sox; Bill Bartholomay, chairman emeritus, Atlanta Braves; Derrick Hall, president and CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks; Randy Levine, president, New York Yankees; and George Postolos, president and CEO, Houston Astros.

Attendees received unprecedented access to Major League Baseball human resource and procurement executives and here, you’ll meet a New York business owner and two HBCU students who made the journey to this diversified field of dreams.


Deputy Editor, Rolling Out