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Makeup Artist Ashunta Sheriff: 5 Tips for that Hollywood Look


Contour, and conceal the imperfections.

Apply the concealer in a V-formation, you see those women with contour and go up under the brow. Take a deeper shade to go in on that hyper-pigmentation, and then you want to blend the two concealers together. This is how we get that pull look that a lot of celebrities have.

Lay the foundation.

Cover Girl Foundation is pigmented, the color is true-to-life, it’s lasting. It also gives a matte finish that’s still glowing at the same time. A little bit will do, you don’t need a lot of makeup. I like to pat it into the skin. You get an airbrush finish when you pat as opposed to swiping. Don’t forget your necks. A lot of women of color like me have darker necksm something that’s natural for us.”

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