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5 Facts Every Parent Must Know About Synthetic Drugs

5 Facts Every Parent Must Know About Synthetic Drugs
Protect Your Teen: 5 Facts Every Parent Should Know about Synthetic Drugs. Posed by professional model.

Move over meth, the next level of drug abuse afflicting the younger generation are the deadly concoctions called “fake marijuana,” and “bath salts,” according to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials.

“Young people are being harmed when they smoke these dangerous ‘fake pot’ products and wrongly equate the products’ ‘legal’ retail availability with being ‘safe’,” warned DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart.

The DEA has recently issued an emergency action to halt the sale of the chemicals used to produce the fake drugs, making it illegal to possess chemicals used to make so-called “fake pot” products, unless authorized by law.

“Parents and community leaders look to us to help them protect their kids, and we have not let them down,” Leonhart added.

Parents can also protect their children by knowing these five facts about synthetic drugs.

5 Facts Every Parent Must Know About Synthetic Drugs
K2 Fake marijuana leads to heart attacks and hallucinations.

1. Synthetic drugs consist of crushed or shredded plant material that is soaked in mind-altering chemicals that, according to drug enforcement agents, can lead to psychoactive effects; heart attacks; altered perception; elevated mood; and relaxation. Users have also reported vomiting, agitation, hallucinations, paranoia and rapid heart rate. In some cases, synthetic drugs are more potent than real marijuana and can cause psychoactive effects.

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