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Chad Johnson and Celebrities’ Most Embarrassing Moments in Public

What happened this past week to Chad Johnson was more than just publicly embarrassing. He was publicly flogged, peeled and feathered. But the disastrous fall from grace began because of his own stupid behavior. Head-butting his wife set off a quick chain of events that no one could have possibly fathomed, much less himself. He was arrested and put in jail, cut by the Miami Dolphins, removed as a spokesperson for endorsement products, his wife filed for divorce and VH1 cancelled his reality show. But when he takes inventory of the past seven days or so, he will be most pained by the fact that it was his own fault.

All of this happened while the public was watching.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Johnson or Ochocinco was not the only celeb to have disastrous moments splayed out for fan consumption. These are the celebrities’ most embarrassing moments in public with the help of Fox News and

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