Video Captures Man’s Shooting by Police

Video Captures Man's Shooting by Police

The July 1 shooting happened in a parking lot on West Genessee Avenue, a busy commercial strip on the north side of Saginaw, Mich. In a video purchased by CNN, shot by a motorist from across the street, Milton Hall is seen arguing with a half-dozen officers. For more than three minutes, he walks back and forth, and at one time appears to crouch in a “karate stance,” according to the man who captured the scene.

Police said Hall had just had a run-in with a convenience store clerk. On the video, he tells police, “My name is Milton Hall, I just called 911. My name is Milton, and I’m pissed off.” When an officer tells him to put the knife down, he responds, “I ain’t putting s–t down.” He appears unimpressed by a police dog, telling officers, “Let him go. Let the motherf—ing dog go.”

Finally, he turns to the left of the frame, where another officer had moved out of view a short time earlier. It’s then that the police open fire with a reported 46 shots in a five-second hail of bullets.

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