Michael Jordan is a special case on this list. His post-playing career would reduce any man to tears. It has been pathetic.

He is the greatest player who ever laced up a pair of sneakers. Without question. However, after his second retirement, where he’d just won his sixth NBA title, Jordan’s career has been in a perpetual downward spiral arch. First, he tried to come back as player for the Washington Wizards and that ended disastrously. His pick of Kwame Brown out of high school as the first pick in the draft was a complete and utter bust, one of the worst No. 1 picks ever, if not the worst. He was eventually fired by the owner of the Washington Wizards and then, he bought the laughable Charlotte Bobcats who just finished with the worst record in NBA history.

Terry Shropshire

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    Since you are clearly an intern I guess you can’t be fired. But, if anyone PAYS you to write this CRAP they should be fired. How does anyone on the Forbes list end up on a “TRAGIC DECLINE” list?

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    And oh yeah, the POTUS just had a fundraising dinner with MJ. Only thing in Tragic Decline are my brain cells after I read any articles written by Terry Shropshire.