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Meet Kendra G; Best Dressed at Jeezy’s Birthday Celebration

Meet Kendra G; Best Dressed at Jeezy's Birthday Celebration

I looked on in shock last night as I watched an event planner at the door of Jeezy’s black-tie birthday celebration. She was sending people away left and right. People walked away with pie on their faces when they arrived at the door and could not enter the party. On the invitation that was sent out to people in advance, it stated that this was a black-tie affair. Men were to wear suits and tuxedos and women to wear evening gowns or after-five cocktail dresses. To my surprise and talking with the planner, she stated that she got a slew of e-mails from guests asking what was black-tie attire? Really? I had no clue that people in this day and age still do not know how to formally dress!

Onlookers saw women arrive in hoochie-mama dresses up to their ears, some had on sundresses and some I don’t even want to mention! One lady even had a on a star spangled banner cotton mini dress, Lord be a fence! The guys walked up to the door wearing house slippers,tennis shoes, jeans and worse. I think people were thinking, well it’s a rapper’s party but I digress! The majority of people thank goodness did arrive looking very stylish and put their best foot forward. I met a young lady by the name of Kendra G who hit the blue carpet in grand style. People, when you go out to a formal affair always try to look your best because you may never know where your picture when end up! If you don’t know what to wear, black always works. You can always dress up a black outfit. Let’s give it to this young lady who came to an event in the proper attire! She gets an award for most stylish at Jeezy’s birthday celebration!

Pics by Robin Lori

Meet Kendra G; Best Dressed at Jeezy's Birthday Celebration

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