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Gunplay Turns Himself in to Police

Rapper Gunplay was being hunted by Florida authorities for acting out his stage name. Literally.

A warrant was issued for Gunplay arrest for armed robbery with … well … a gun, and he just turned himself in to a Miami jail a short while ago, according to media reports.

Miami-Dade police only lists “robbery” on the arrest warrant and have refused to divulge any details at this time, reports.

“Gunplay voluntarily surrendered today without incident. There’s been an open arrest warrant for armed robbery with a firearm,” said Gunplay’s attorney Mike Grieco in a statement.

They say that you should be careful what you name yourself and that life imitates art. Gunplay is the quintessential example of that. Just two weeks ago, the rapper was involved in a massive brawl with 50 Cent and his crew two weeks ago. Authorities said that the current warrant on gun charges is not related to the brawl, however,

A rep for Gunplay said rapper was advised to turn himself in by his attorney following the highly-publicized brawl, which likely drew police attention to the active warrant.