Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Accused of Getting Breast Implants

Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter Blasted for Boob Job

After posting even more bikini pictures of herself online, Evelyn Lozada’s teen daughter is being accused of surgically enhancing her body. Shaniece Hairston, 18, previously caused a an Instagram ruckus after she posted pictures of herself on the beach in Barbados. Since then she’s been spotted vacationing with her mom and enjoying the lap of luxury outside of school and classes like many other girls her age. Hairston recently shared more snaps on social media and was blasted by plastic surgery critics and supporters alike.

“Oh you got your boobs done! They look bigger and less saggy,” wrote one fan.

“I ain’t a f—- hater but that b—- got a boob job!,” wrote another.

Hairston has not issued a statement.

Hairston Reportedly Before Her Enhancement Surgery

If the boob job reports seem far-fetched they’re actually not, Hairston’s mother Evelyn Lozada has openly admitted to her breast augmentation. She previously showed off her paid for “puppies” in a photo shoot with her then-boyfriend, Chad Johnson. 

Check out the “scandalous” Shaniece Hairston breast augmentation photos below. -danielle canada

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