Game Says He Paid People to Vote

Game Says He Paid People to Vote

On Tuesday, Nov.6, President Barack Obama soared to victory over his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, to be re-elected as the nation’s 44th president. The road to Obama’s success was paved not only by our nation’s first family and their brilliant team, but also by several impassioned celebrities who threw their weight behind this year’s election. One of those celebrities was rapper Game, who used his controversial behavior and methods to benefit the election by helping people to vote.

In an interview with TMZ, Game revealed to the gossip site that he worked to help those New Yorkers who were affected by Hurricane Sandy by providing them with the means to vote. The Cali rapper says that he gave out $10,000 to 500 New Yorkers who were stranded by Sandy so that they could afford to make it to the polls.

“We’ve been doing this all day. We gave 500 people $20, so it’s like 10 grand, and we’re just trying to get New Yorkers to get out here and vote, man,” said Game as he stood between two women who he helped and also given a free lunch too.

“It’s a small change,” he added.

Although, questioned whether all of the people Game gave money to used it to vote, Game answered honestly that he’s unsure, but he did reveal that he also provided free rides to the polling stations as well.

Game, who voted by absentee ballot, says that he didn’t help voters to just to bolster the vote for Obama, he just did it to help citizens use their right to vote. And, as he puts it, Obama didn’t need his help to win.

However, as we all know by now, every vote counts and Game’s civic efforts are proof that it’s the last night was not only a victory for Obama, but a victory for the American people who banded together to benefit their communities and the future our nation.

Check out some other unsung celebrity political heroes below. – nicholas robinson

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