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O.J. Simpson didn’t kill his ex-wife

An explosive new documentary suggets that O.J. Simpson did not kill his ex-wife Nicole or Ron Goldman in 1994.

Death row inmate Glen Rogers, once hired by Simpson to steal earrings from Nicole, is the actual murderer according to the documentary “My Brother the Serial Killer.”

The Investigation Discovery channel will air the documentary tomorrow (Nov. 21, 9 p.m. EST). The show does not include an appearance by Rogers, but some damning evidence that supports O.J.’s innocence is made available.

Did Glen Rogers kill O.J. Simpson’s wife?

Rogers’ brother Clay is going on the record about his brother’s role in the crime that spawned the trial of the century; he states that Glen Rogers confessed to the killings.

He is also suspected of killing at least 12 people and once claimed he had murdered 70 people.

Clay Rogers says he turned his brother in because “I wasn’t turning in my brother,” He said. “I was turning in a serial killer.”