Brad Pitt’s ex-lovers and jump-offs

Brad Pitt's ex-lovers and jump-offs

As you will see, heartthrob Brad Pitt — shown here with ex-girlfriend Sinnita, a UK singer — has been an equal opportunity lover, and before he settled down with Angelina, Pitt changed his women as often as he changed his hairstyles. Pitt liked his women tall, short, voluptuous, black, European and all shades in-between. Pitt dated Sinnita in 1988, a relationship that lasted for two years.

Pitt has dated several women of color, and the one thing Pitt’s women have in common is that they are all stunning. Take a look.

12. April Westphalen

Brad Pitt's ex-lovers and jump-offs
Brad’s first girlfriend, April Florio Tonya Westphalen, in 1979
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