Stalker ends Rihanna’s Christmas vacation

Stalker ends Rihanna's Christmas vacation

Rihanna cut her Barbados vacation short after an overzealous fan came within feet of her at the exclusive $21 million Barbados villa. Witnesses have reported that Rihanna was kicking back in a lounge chair when a heavy-set, shirtless man began walking toward her and then entered her private balcony.

When the shirtless man walked within 12 feet of her, Rihanna’s security detail sprang into action and removed him from the area.

Stalker ends Rihanna's Christmas vacation
Reportedly, this man was spotted near Rihanna’s villa and interrupted the singer’s vacation.

Rihanna did not appear to be in immediate danger, as the fan ‘appeared harmless’ according to witnesses, however the singer, clad in only a string bikini, was still disturbed. Photos of the incident appear to show the man stalking the villa, and casually striking up a conversation with another vacationer as he made his way to Rihanna’s private balcony.

The Sun reports that the man planned the trip to meet the star: “The man is said to have travelled to the Caribbean island specifically to try to meet the star, who has been seen on the balcony every day since arriving for the Christmas holidays. Wearing just shorts he had reached the ten-bedroom villa by swimming on to a beach at the back.”

“It was a little too close for comfort,” a witness told reporters.

After the incident, Rihanna reportedly no longer felt comfortable at the Villa and she and her entourage checked out.

Earlier, Rihanna shared photos of her vacation with fans, take a look.

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