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Why you should keep your medicine cabinet locked

Picture this: a forgotten pill bottle tucked in the back, a half-used ointment collecting dust, a colorful assortment of capsules tempting little fingers. This cluttered

5 risks of getting a Brazilian butt lift

In the pursuit of a curvier and more sculpted silhouette, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has gained immense popularity in recent years. With celebrities flaunting

Rapper Mystikal facing life in prison

Former superstar rapper Mystikal is facing the prospect of living the rest of his life in prison after being indicted on 10 felony charges related

Kelly Rowland saved by the Coast Guard after her boat was lost at sea

Kelly Rowland was on a private boat that was lost at sea for more than 12 hours this weekend. According to EOnline, the boat was rented by the singer and some friends was due to go whale watching off the shores of Provincetown, Mass. A TowboatUS Provincetown employee said that things went awry shortly after the weather changed.

Rolling Out