Mystikal made victim pray with him before allegedly raping her

The rapper is facing life in prison after facing sexual assault charges for the 3rd time
Mystikal made victim pray with him before allegedly raping her
Mystikal (Photo by Terry Shropshire for Steed Media)

The once iconic rapper Mystikal has had more disturbing information trickle out about his upcoming trial on rape and kidnapping charges.

The rapper allegedly made the woman he is charged with victimizing pray with him and also poured rubbing alcohol on her to rid her of “bad spirits” before reportedly sexually assaulting her, according to

Mystikal, 51, who was born in New Orleans as Michael Tyler, has been held without bond since his arrest on July 31, 2022. He is charged with first-degree rape, domestic abuse battery, strangulation, and robbery. He was also found to illegally possess Xanax, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

The unnamed victim claims the rape took place at his home on a quiet street in Prairieville, Louisiana, which is between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. She said the rapper started out as cordial, but his mood changed drastically after he returned from the restroom.

Mystikal allegedly accused the female complainant of stealing $100 from him and then, after looking for the money with Mystikal, was overpowered by him and forcibly raped on his bed.

The “Danger” rapper denies the charges and pleaded not guilty in court. His attorney told the media that the woman is trying to shake him down for $1000 and allegedly threatened to accuse Mystikal of rape if he didn’t hand over the money.

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