Sandy Hook conspiracy: Top 5 deceptions

Sandy Hook conspiracy: Top 5 deceptions

Sandy Hook  has resurfaced, this time, the tragedy has been repackaged as one of the greatest hoaxes that the U.S. government has ever pulled.

Why would the government create a scenario were children were massacred by a crazed gunman you ask? To influence President Obama’s decision to outlaw high powered guns, conspiracy theorists charge.

Unlike the conspiracy theorists who relied on grainy footage and dodgy recollections of what transpired on the grassy knoll that fateful day that JFK was assassinated; or the Loose Change conspiracy theorists who rely on the science of explosions to debunk the 9-11 tragedy; the Sandy Hook  Truthers, are pointing to the Facebook timeline to build a case.

The social media network time stamps each post its users create, and the Truthers argue that the Sandy Hook memorial posts are not matching up with the facts of the day.

Here, then, are the top five issues that conspiracy theorists have raised regarding the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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