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Amanda Bynes calls Jay-Z ‘ugly face’ … more ugly celebrities

Amanda Bynes blasts Jay-Z’s ‘Ugly Face’

Jay-Z is ‘Ugly Face,’ says the repeat drunk Tweeter, actress Amanda Bynes.

Bynes, who is hotter-than Beyonce according to the voices in her head, is a former child actress who appreciates a pretty man. No one can really fault Bynes for preferring a gentle handsome face, and by most accounts, Jay-Z is no Shemar Moore.

Jay-Z has never claimed to be as pretty as Shemar, or Laz Alonso, or Trey Songz, so  it’s unknown what provoked Bynes to roll out of her alleged drunken stupor to tweet about Blue Ivy’s unattractive dad. Bynes deleted the tweet immediately after posting it.

Amanda Bynes tweets that Jay-Z has ugly face. The Tweet was quickly deleted.

Truth be told, Jay-Z isn’t pretty, but he is sexy.

Power, money, swagger, and having the hottest wife in the music industry are qualities that have paved the way for Jay-Z to sit down at the sexy table right next to Hollywood’s pretty boys.

On the flipside, Amanda Bynes has a record of driving under the influence, drunk-Tweeting and other desperate acts that have made her quite fugly looking these days — and she isn’t alone.

Here, then, is a list of more celebrities making ugly faces. Ouch!

Celebrity Ugly Faces: Wendy Williams

Celebrity ugly faces: Wendy Williams

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