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Starter apparel makes a comeback: 10 rappers who wear Starter (photos)

In the ’80s and ’90s Starter Apparel stood out at the premiere clothing line for sports fans and urban youth. The company designed jackets, coats, hats and shirts that featured the logos and colors of pro teams and top colleges.

However, there was a criminal element attached the brand as many teens were robbed, or even killed, for their Starter jacket. The company eventually lost contracts with professional franchises and was sold to Nike. In 2007, Nike sold the company to Iconix Brand Group.

During NBA All-Star weekend, Iconix announced partnership with G-III Sports to design the new Starter X NBA Collection.

It’s unclear if the Starter brand will regain the prestige it had in the early ’90s, but it would be wise to market the line to rappers.

Here are 10  images of rappers wearing Starter apparel.

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