Author L. Hollingsworth discusses her new book and the top 5 books you must read

Author L. Hollingsworth discusses her new book and the top 5 books you must read

Name: LaSheka Hollingsworth

Book: What If?

What happened in your Christian walk that inspired you to create What If?

Life’s struggles and God’s everlasting love are the two main reasons for the book. I have not made the best decisions in life, and some decisions that were made, I prayed to God to change the outcome, but I soon learned that everything that occurred when I was younger has helped me to where I able to be a testimony to the next person that has been abused. Without trials and tribulation, I would have not been able to write this book. I thank God for the good and the bad times.

What do you hope people will gain from reading What if?

I pray that each individual that reads my book will find peace, knowledge, and forgiveness. Life can be so hard, but I pray that each reader will gain the strength to move forward; because, God will never put more on them than what they can bare.

What advice can you share with others who are interested in becoming an inspirational speaker?

First, in order to be a spiritual thinker a person must recognize that they are ready for change, and that God will take care of all their needs. For the individual who has a passion for being an inspirational speaker, he or she must first be able to connect with [people] from all walks of life and help them to connect with their spirituality. Speaking in churches and various community summits and seminars will also help [you] gain more experience.

What five inspirational books should everyone read?

Holy Bible

Purpose Driven Life  by Pastor Rick Warren

Matters of the Heart by Evangelist Juanita Bynum

Power for Living by Pastor T.D. Jakes

What If? by LaSheka Hollingsworth

What’s next for you?

This summer I will be publishing my second Christian book, Love and Pain, which is a story about three college friends struggling with personal relationships. …  Throughout the novel, the three friends ask God for direction and understanding in their relationships and each will receive a different message. Following the book release will be signing books at the African Imports located in Greenspoint Mall in the fall.

For more information, please visit (Book form and for Kindle users) Barnes and

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