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Geoffrey ‘Dr. Groove’ Watts talks Gwendolyn Brooks, Haki Madhubuti, and the gift of poetry for a dollar or a dime

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Why does a man commit himself to others, choosing to live his life as one of service, first to God, and then to mankind? What type of energy and mental fortitude does it take to constantly give of one’s self, with or without reward? How strong must the spirit of one be, to pull from the reservoir’s of their own resources, that which is spiritual, mental and physical? How much faith must one have, who will forsake all but wife and children, for a mission to enlighten and to save souls?

Answers to those questions are not often found, but if we are observant, we can see them being demonstrated in the actions and communications of certain committed individuals. Dr. Groove, otherwise known as Geoffrey Watts, speaks life through his poetry and lives those same words in his every day actions. I first learned of him riding the CTA, as I regularly road the redline to some Chicago destination. I believe I bought a poem the first time I met him and, as it naturally would, a brief but impactful conversation shortly followed.

As a writer and community advocate myself, I’m always intrigued … empowered really … when I meet others who use art of whatever kind to encourage and motivate others. I soon learned that the poetry he spoke on the train was only one aspect of a ministry that spanned culture, communities and generations. Dr. Groove is a Chicago treasure, a walking history of hip-hop and hope, an instrument for positive change and a soldier for Christ. This short video is but an intro, a short window into a very enlightening conversation. Peep the perspective of a prophet. There are more videos to come.


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  1. shirleyj on February 7, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    There are many hometown heroes doing wonderful things, and you don’t have to look far to find them. Dr. Groove attracts and is attracted to many like minded activists who want to see positive changes in society and use art, plus a level of conviction and courage not many are gifted with, to follow through and work to make the dream a reality.