Too much mayonnaise on a sandwich was fatal for a restaurant worker

crime scene tape

Atlanta police are investigating a shooting that left one woman dead and another in critical condition. The mayhem broke out after a customer complained about too much mayonnaise on a sandwich. On the evening of June 26, police responded to a gas station about a person shot. When they arrived, they learned two women had […]

Subway manager fired after denying teenager a job because she is Black

A fast food manager was fired due to her racist antics. The incident occurred at a Houston-area Subway, according to WTVM. Katelyn Simmons, 17, wanted to use her summer break as a way to earn extra money before entering her senior year in high school. Simmons filled out a job application and left it with an […]

Watch an entire NYC subway train turn on a racist woman (video)

It seems that in the age of the Trump presidency, public displays of racial hatred are at an all-time high. A fact confirmed by a recent FBI report on hate crimes that have occurred in 2018. These incidents have occurred as people are going about their everyday lives, including riding a subway to work. The latest […]

Black college grad reacts to traumatic racial profiling experience at Subway

Imagine taking a road trip with your family. You stop at a fast-food restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. After you finish eating, make a final trip to the restroom and walk outside the establishment, you are stopped by the police. Jasemine Nelson, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University in May, […]

 K2 smoker partially electrocuted as synthetic pot crisis grows in NY

Disturbing video images of two men passed out at a New York City subway station, and with one partially electrocuted on the tracks, highlights the continuing crisis of the synthetic marijuana product known as K2. The video was recorded by Taiberious Carr at a Brooklyn subway station and uploaded to Facebook. The man pictured on […]

Video of man catching wallet thief viewed over 1 million times (NSFW)

Just imagine how angry you would be if you are on your way to work and someone stole your wallet. That’s what happened to one Brooklyn, New York, man, Cee Da-Prophet. a father of two, on his way to work. According to the media outlet New York Daily News, Cee had dropped his wallet on the […]

Blunt-smoking homeless, legless woman was a millionaire

Recently, images of a homeless and legless woman smoking a marijuana blunt on an NYC subway went viral. The woman, later identified as Michelle Carter, 60, expertly rolled a blunt and began puffing away to the amazement of passengers. Fellow passengers began to harass the woman as she tried to enjoy her weed, calling her […]

First there was pizza rat, now meet the love rat

[jwplatform 1MF8N4B8] The city of New York has become infamous for its rat population. There have been reports of rats attacking pigeons and brazenly stealing food. The latest news comes of a rat who apparently wants to cuddle with a sleeping subway rider.

Transgender woman bullies and cuts NYC subway passengers

[jwplatform Pd4zscRy] Riding the subway in New York City can often be entertaining and terrifying. Recently, it turned into terror as a transgender woman threatened passengers with a knife. The abusive rider was decked out in designer clothes as she waved a knife in a rider’s face and threatened violence and said that she would […]

Amazon pulls controversial ad campaign featuring Nazi symbols in NYC subway

A controversial ad campaign by Amazon Studios has been pulled from New York City subway trains. The ad campaign was to promote its new series “Man in the High Castle.” The series presents a fictional future that has Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan winning World War II. As part of the campaign, subway trains were covered […]

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle investigated for child porn

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle could face criminal charges after his home was raided by FBI agents. According to the Indy Star, agents were seen leaving his home in Zionsville, Indiana, with electronics, computers and other items. The raid occurred after Russell Taylor, executive director of Fogle’s Jared Foundation, was arrested in April and charged with […]

Shocker: NYPD cop assaults female transit worker

New York transit workers have a tough job in dealing with the public. Many workers have been assaulted and severely injured by criminals and irate riders. So on Dec. 23 when a female worker was viciously grabbed and choked by an unknown assailant, it became a major crime issue for her fellow workers and the NYPD. […]

Subway slap fight: Is it ever OK to hit a woman?

Social media has been flooded with comments and observations regarding the YouTube video “Man smacks the soul out of girl.” The video shows a wild fight that occurred on a New York subway train. What has caused the controversy is whether Jorge Pena, 25, was justified in slapping the crap out of Danay Howard, 21, […]

Slap fight update: Male subway slapper gets away with hitting a woman

By now, most people have seen the popular YouTube video titled “Man smacks the soul out of girl.” In the video, subway rider Jorge Pena, 25, is verbally and physically attacked by fellow passenger Danay Howard, 21, on the New York subway F train. After being struck by her high-heeled stiletto shoes, he finally had enough […]

Update: Arrests made in subway slap fight

It has been called the slap heard around the world. NYPD announced the arrest of four people involved in a violent fight on a New York City subway train. The video shows  Danay Howard, 21, insulting fellow passenger  Jorge Pena, 25, over his out of fashion red, white, and black “8 Ball* leather jacket popular […]

DJ Tech Tracks killed by subway, jumped on tracks to get his iPhone

DJ Tech Tracks died after attempting to retrieve an iPhone. According to reports, the 22 year old DJ from the Bronx was awaiting the No. 2 train on Saturday when his iPhone slipped out of his hand and fell onto the tracks. DJ Tracks, whose real name is Francisco Diego Jr., told a token booth […]

$5 footlong may be less healthy than a McDonald’s Big Mac

Subway is supposed to be the healthy alternative to the regular fast food burger and fries. However, new research is proving that many people consume just as much sugar, carbs, sodium and overall calories per meal at Subway as they do at its competitor, McDonald’s. A group of UCLA scientists sent a crew of close to […]