Celebrities who are actually broke, but you didn’t know it

Celebrities who are actually broke, but you didn't know it

Donald Trump:

Trump is the bankruptcy king. While he was busying himself with “birther” issues and hanging out with “the blacks,” his supposed empire was crumbling around him. According to celebritynetworth.com, The Donald has been foreclosing on a lot of development properties, and he’s become a regular in bankruptcy courts over the past few years. There’s speculation that “he’s arranged his businesses in such a way that he can declare bankruptcy on certain portions of his empire, so while that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s flat broke, it does mean that he is — at least in some capacity — bankrupt.”

What does a person who files for bankruptcy do with his spare time? “host a television game show that judges famous people’s business savvy,” the site says.

Makes sense to me. SMH.

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