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Twitter rages after Miami Heat overcomes 27-point deficit to beat Cavs

lbj 2The epic ballgame between Lebron James’ new team and his former one trended four different times on Twitter during the Weds. March 20 game in Cleveland as b-ball fans breathlessly witnessed the Miami Heat erase an astronomical 27-point second-half deficit to win the game in the closing minutes.

The exhausting victory, a 98-95 nail biter, raised the Heat’s historic winning streak to 24 consecutive games, the second-longest such streak in NBA history and the best one in 42 years.

Moreover, this emotionally-draining, adrenaline-pulsating win comes just two days after the Heat overcame a 13-point fourth quarter deficit to defeat Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and the Boston Celtics that was nationally-televised.

To put the win streak into perspective and show just how impressive it is, check out the tweet from one sports fan:

    Check out how others are marveling over the latest heart-palpitating thriller for the Miami Heat.  

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