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10 reasons we still love ‘Temptation’ star Vanessa Williams

Vanessa-Williams-general-1-photocredit-Gilles-Toucas Vanessa Lynn Williams is the quintessential American success story. She accomplished and epitomizes the American dream — on two separate occasions. Her legend presents one of the greatest comeback stories in entertainment history.

Equally at home on Broadway in New York or in front of the cameras in Hollywood, Williams is the unbeatable combination of breathtaking beauty and top-of-the-line entertainer. Once again, Williams entertained us with her acting skills in the Tyler Perry relationship thriller, Temptation, playing the owner of an upscale matchmaking boutique.

As she celebrates five decades on Earth in March, we honor the woman who took the world and the history books by storm.

These are ten reasons we still love Vanessa Williams. 

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