Waka Flocka done with black girls? ‘White girls are poppin’ right now’


In case you hadn’t noticed, Waka Flocka Flame is definitely feeling white girls right now. The Atlanta hip-hop star made it known in an interview with The Boombox that white women are kinda hot right now. He explained his view on interracial dating. He said that because of changing times, there will be less people in opposition to dating outside of their race.

“I’ma be real with you. Anything white people like is like … their grandmothers, grandparents probably was annoyed,” he said of the history of interracial relations.

“As they grew up, that was part of our generation,” he continued. “People don’t understand it ’cause they so old to the antique sh-t that the new and improved — like, yo kids gonna be even worse. My kid’s gonna be worse. They ain’t gonna go through the black/white sh-t. Like, they all gonna f–k around and just walk a straight line. I feel like it’s just getting better and better.”

Waka flirted with sitcom actress Danielle Fishel on Twitter last month and revealed that he has a long-standing crush on starlet, Miley Cyrus. He was also linked to Latina Selena Gomez, but he dismissed the gossip as just rumors.

“How you feel about white women lookin’ good right now? How you feel about that? Do you speak black? Spanish girls is taken — no, used to be black girls was the baddest sh*t, you know what I mean?” Waka asked during the interview. “Spanish–J-Lo be poppin’ … white women are poppin’ right now, man. They f–kin’ poppin’. Imma just be real.”

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