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Culture » Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage 2013: Exploring San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage 2013: Exploring San Juan, Puerto Rico

IMG_9022The second stop on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage 2013 is the United States’ largest-owned territory, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Spanish-speaking city was founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de leon, San Juan is the capitol of Puerto Rico and the center of Caribbean shipping. It is the largest processing center of the island, the metropolitan area has facilities for petroleum and sugar refining, brewing and distilling and produces cement, pharmaceuticals, metal products clothing, and tobacco. The port is one of the busiest in the Caribbean.

IMG_8899San Juan is the country’s financial capital, and many banks on the mainland United States and corporations maintain offices or distributing centers there. San Juan is center of Caribbean shipping and is the 2nd largest sea port in the area after New York City.

Here are some of the places you will want to go to in order to enjoy the exotic city. 

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1 Comment

  1. LuisArroyo on April 14, 2013 at 1:28 am

    The fort pictured is NOT San cristobal. San Cristobal DOES guard against land invasions.
    However, the pictured fort, the LARGEST, was built to protect san juan from sea invasions, particularly Great Brittain. Its called SAN FELIPE/ “EL MORRO”