Business mogul Robert Shumake shares vision for success in new book

Goal Completed
Goal Completed

Robert Shumake writes new book, Climbing Your Inner Mountain

Robert Shumake is a strong believer that “Spiritual faith produces confidence.” He recently reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak on the African continent, despite it being his first climb and an expert’s advice was to abort his mission.

In his latest book, Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal, the entrepreneur offers a detailed recollection of the epic climb and a practical guide to conquering obstacles that impede personal progress.

Here, he discusses his journey. –munson steed

What was your inspiration for writing this book?
I am inspired from within. Everyone is faced with different challenges. I am on my real life journey.

How does the title relate to your life’s journey?
The title means we spend time trying to compete with each other. We should focus on the internal man to make him the best. Everything else is secondary.

What motivated you to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
I was motivated to climb Mount Kilimanjaro because my late friend was a mountain climber. I wanted to challenge self mentally and physically. I wanted to show myself that I could overcome any physical obstacle.

Describe the climb and the spiritual transformation that followed your journey.
The climb was life changing. Standing on that mountain forced me to hear my inner voice. The voice was so loud I was asking myself  if I could I turn it down. I was away from all electronics and was able to listen in order to hear great things.

What do you see inside yourself that makes you set goals and live your dreams?
I have so much passion; I want to die empty. We are only here for a brief moment. This is what I see in me.

What role does God play in your life and business?
What role doesn’t God play?!

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