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T-Pain has a message for all ‘homophobic idiots’

T-Pain - Cover 1

A growing number of stars across the world of entertainment have been sharing their support for the LGBT community for the past few months. Yesterday the LGBT community got a surprising showing of love and support from rapper-turned-singer, T-Pain. He  left a scathing message for all the homophobes of the world.

Last night, around 10 p.m., T-Pain tweeted the following message, “Attention all homophobic idiots: if you’re not attractive to straight women, you’re probably not attractive to gay men. You can unclench now.”

Though T-Pain didn’t go into many details as to why he posted the random message, he did explain that it was inspired by the many homophobes who have shown prejudice and disapproval towards his assistant, who is gay.

“Just see a lot of ppl lookin at my assistant like “oh no better not go that way. That guy wants my butt” don’t be an idiot. Ur still fugly,” tweeted T-Pain.

Only T-Pain could take a moment to educate homophobes and debunk gay myths and still make it hilariously comical. Education never felt so good, witty and mocking, and truer words have never been spoken by T-Pain.

Thankfully, he’s not the only artist who has taken the time chastise homophobes. Check out some other anti-homophobic stars below. – nicholas robinson


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