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‘The Secret She Kept’ book review


Picture yourself falling madly in love with someone that you really haven’t allowed yourself time to get to know.  Does love at first sight even exist?  Can two people have this powerful attraction from the first moment they laid eyes on each another? Maybe I’m a sucker for love, but I do believe that you can fall for someone early on and have an instant connection with that person and it just works.

However, is it then best to come clean with your new found love and share all of your personal secrets with them?  This book shines the light on a couple of important subject matters in which a lot of families I believe are facing today.  Can a marriage honestly survive after learning a devastating secret about the person you thought you knew?  In this story, Tia omitted sharing her medical history with him for the sake of being judged and risk Lance walking out on her. If her secret was ever exposed, it would indeed shatter their lives.  By not being completely honest with the ordeal she was facing was also killing her inside.  Now this once prominent power couple are faced with making some heart wrenching decisions.

This book also has discussion questions at the end.  It’s always interesting to see what other people’s perceptions are, and how they would react under certain situations.  It’s especially entertaining discussing amongst your girlfriends while enjoying your favorite cocktails.  So for my book club ladies, this would be a perfect novel to select for your next meeting.

I commend Billingsley for writing this inspirational and eye opening novel.  It is truly a great read.

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