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Lil Scrappy dishes on 30-day rehab stint, says proposal to Erica Dixon was real

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Lil Scrappy entering rehab, denies fake marriage proposal claims 

As Lil Scrappy prepares to enter rehab for 30 days for an addiction to marijuana, the Atlanta rapper took to a local radio station to explain his decision to seek treatment. As previously reported the emcee told a judge that he has an uncontrollable fixation with the substance after violating his probation in March. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star tried to turn in a urine sample that was cold to the touch and may have been tampered with.


Lil Scrappy and Mo Ivory, Esq. of the Ryan Cameron show

Today, May 29, 2013 Scrappy sat down with Ryan Cameron of V-103’s “Ryan Cameron Show” and dished on his court ordered 30 day stint in rehab. In just a few short hours the rapper will be whisked away to an in-patient drug treatment facility and according to him, he’s ready to make a change.

“I’m really just trying to leave everything alone and take that natural happiness and good feeling that God gives you,” said Scrappy. “Before you ever get into marijuana, alcohol and any other stuff everybody had that natural high and that happiness and it’s way better.”

In addition to dishing on his upcoming treatment, Scrappy diffused rumors that his marriage proposal to Erica Dixon was made for TV. According to Dixon herself she believes the proposal was just a desperate attempt to salvage his image. Not so says Scrappy.

“It [the proposal] was definitely genuine, I spent a lot of money on the ring for God’s sake. All my hard work earned money and she had to spend nothing.”

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy

“Everybody likes to point the finger,” he continued. “Anything I ever did to Erica if she felt it was in a bad way or bad sense then I’m sorry. It ain’t nothing but love coming from over here. That’s the mother of my child and somebody I had a lot of history with.”

Scrappy then noted that Dixon’s definition of love may very well be incorrect.

“I know what love is and I know who ain’t showing me love. So if my little mess ups say that I’m not genuine with it and I’m not showing love, then maybe we all need to rethink what love is.”

Before exiting to attend a press conference on his rehab with his attorneys, Scrappy also admitted to first smoking marijuana at 12 years-old and added that his mother Mama Dee was giving him her full support.

“She [Mama Dee] just wants me out of it because she had an addiction situation with alcohol. She’s been through this same type of situation. She wanted me to let people know that even though she’s not up here she still has my back.”

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