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‘Sistas: The Musical’ review


Sistas: The Musical revolves around five characters: Simone, Roberta, Heather, Gloria and Tameka. These women are joined together in an attic to prepare for the home-going service for the family matriarch.  As they clean out the space, they unlock their history with songs to accompany the overwhelming emotions, whether  joy or pain.

Roberta, played by Jennifer Fouche, is the childless, sassy aunt whose strong personality matches her vocal performance.

Gloria played by, Tracey Conyer Lee is the stern and modest widow who has a deeply rooted faith in God.

Lexi Rhoades plays Tamika, the youngest out of the women, who also bears a striking resemblance to Faith Evans, but doesn’t quite meet her vocal ability. What she lacks in vocal range, she makes up for in acting. It would’ve been almost scary to watch her play Evans in Notorious–they share the same features from their oval-shaped faces to the light complexion.

Tameka’s mother (Badia Farha), Simone,  plays the single mother who has worked hard to provide for her family but hasn’t let life get in the way of her optimistic outlook.

Though the musical  is centered around black woman empowerment incorporated in the progression of music,  there is one white character, Heather, who brings a different perspective of looking at life from the “other” side.

The musical manages to squeeze almost a century’s worth of black women’s history into an hour and a half of smiles and song. If nothing else, it is informative and laughter invoking.  It merely scratches the surface of issues faced by African American women but overall is an enjoyable experience.


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  1. George on May 30, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    I have to disagree with you on one point. I would challenge you to see the show again or at least do the slightest amount of research before besmirching a singer as talented as Lexi Rhoades. I’ve seen the show several times, and have caught several of Ms. Rhoades’ performances in other shows such as Yellow Brick Road off Broadway, or cabarets around the city. She’s always been amazing. I can’t speak for the performance you saw because I wasn’t there, however seeing as is this show has been running for two years and I can only assume that if she is still in it she’s been performing for the entire run, don’t you find it a bit odd that you are the first reviewer to notice this? IF she truly is as vocally limited as you claim I’m sure the NY Times, Backstage or several other publications, that reviewed this show a long time ago, would’ve relished in pointing all this out. Did you check any of the previous reviews of this show? At least check out a youtube video before claiming that she couldn’t hold her own in a movie that wasn’t that good to begin with. (Especially since I can’t seem to find any hard evidence that the actress who played Faith in the movie sang the songs herself. Regardless of how talented Ms. Smith is.) It’s live theater and maybe she had a bad or off day. We are all entitled to one. As you’ve just demonstrated.