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Affordable private jet packages

private jet

You don’t have to be a celebrity to travel like one … and you don’t have to spend like a jet-setter to enjoy the same freedom of movement.

Why travel on private jets? You take total control of your travel plans, get safe and hassle-free travel, effective use of your valuable time, and luxury amenities but with added flexibility. Most companies have jet-setter card programs to fit all of your needs, like the companies listed below.

Flexjet 25
Cards start at $135,000 for 25 hours. (Source

A minimum deposit of $100,000 allows access to three classes of jets. (Source

Like JetPass, Sentient has a debit card arrangement with a minimum deposit of $100,000. (Source

Vector Jetcard
20-hour cards start at $111,000. (Source

Marquis Jet
Cards start at $126,900 for 25 hours of flight time. (Source