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Kirk Frost’s mistress details their hot tub hook up



Mary Jane Miller refuses to apologize for Kirk Frost hookup 

The woman who was spotted canoodling with Kirk Frost on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” is refusing to apologize for her actions; instead detailing her public tryst with the married man. According to Miller the event happened just one month ago and she was completely aware that Kirk was married. Miller however, believed they were separated at the time.

“He did tell me that they were on a break. She gave him a pass. So I assumed they were separated,” she told Big Tigger of V-103. “When a married man tells you ‘I’m on a break, my wife gave me a pass.’ That’s a pass to me. So it is what it is.”

She then added that his wife’s pregnancy was of no concern to her.

“Did the pregnancy part cross my mind? No, I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking about us being at the cabin having a good time. Him putting himself in a single position and I’m a single woman. […]


“Was I concerned and think about his wife at the time, no I wasn’t. That’s not my concern. I’m not married, he’s married. So before he even walked in the building, he should have known what’s up. He took the vows, I didn’t.”

She has since been blasted, per the usual on Twitter. See what fans think about Mary Jane’s confessions below. -danielle canada

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