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Entertainment » College students should consider military service

College students should consider military service


Joining the military is both a service to your nation as well as yourself. Signing up after college is great job opportunity. If the military is the path you choose, you will already be in better standing because you have a degree. After enlisting with a bachelors degree you will then go through a rigorous training and officer program. Based upon what your specialty and interests are you will be assigned to different areas of service.

As an officer the starting salary is $52,189 and that’s without all the extra bells and whistles. With housing, free healthcare, food allowance, tax advantages, and special pay your net income is $78,142. Those numbers look good to me. Your average base pay in other jobs is around $48,000 and that is without housing, healthcare and other advantages the military  can give you.

If furthering your education is something you are considering, the armed forces help with those goals as well. All in all, joining the military as an officer can have a positive and lasting effect on your life.