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Entertainment » Black Soldiers Remembered on Memorial Day

Black Soldiers Remembered on Memorial Day

When it comes to black soldiers and blacks in the military, Dr. Martin Luther King may have said it best, “We all have a responsibility to the country we call home.”

In a time when politicians  are referred to as “politricksters’ and most of the country is suspicious  of government, Memorial Day allows Americans an opportunity to reflect on black soldiers and what the men and women who wear the colors really did and continue to do on behalf of the American way of life.

From the Cold War to the Taliban, black soldiers continually step  up to fight “the evil forces”  that threaten our shores. Service to the country has long been a more than viable option for thousand of black men and women, and many black soldiers have made successful careers out of it and built solid lives for their families.

One fifth of the men and women who fought in the Gulf War were black soldiers. These black soldiers put their lives on the line countless times to keep ours safe and to keep us working toward that “American Dream.”

Here are just a few examples of  those noble black men and women, black soldiers who have served with honor and distinction.

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