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Things about Trayvon Martin you didn’t know

trayvon bio6Despite the fact that deceased teen Trayvon Martin has cast a large shadow over the country — and has been talked about — for the better part of a year-and-a-half, especially the past three weeks, the public at large still has little idea about who the tall, gangly kid from Miami really was.

Of course, the defense, in an effort to exonerate their client George Zimmerman of second-degree murder charges in the racially-charged trial, has purposely painted a subtly negative portrait of the teen.

The family and friends who know Trayvon Martin, illuminate another side of the teen that has, mysteriously, not been played very much in public.

Let’s take a look at things about Trayvon Martin you may not know. 

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  1. Raven priestess on July 23, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing these little known facts about Trayvon. It makes me sad to think he will never fulfill his dreams. He was just an ordinary teen. May he rest in peace.

  2. Tom Payne on July 24, 2013 at 4:01 am

    Amazing that you keep spreading this bullcrap…his cellphone records prove that he was bragging about fighting with people, and that he used “Lean” frequently, along with marijuana, and that he was trying to buy guns not long before his death. We have heard nothing BUT this whitewashed crap about him for the first year, until the defense finally were given the data from the phone which the family and the Prosecutors tried to suppress. He was a nasty-speaking, vulgar kid who was vengeful, and who his female friend told “You have to stop fighting….you are not going to be satisfied until you get suspended again.” He names on social media and the pictures which he posted prove his real character:
    “no limit nigga”??? Really? What a sweet kid.
    His father’s nickname is “Fruit” and one of the people proven to have talked with Trayvon about plans to purchase a gun was “Fruit.”
    This media campaign was built on Lies and Distortions from the beginning, starting with Crumps press conference where he told the world about the undiscovered “Witness” who could prove Zimmerman was guilty…
    a 16 year old girl friend who was so devastated that she had to go to the hospital instead of the Wake.
    Turns out this was Rachel Genteal, who was 18, not 16, and who now denies that she was the GF, and who admitted under oath that she had not actually gone to the hospital at all.

    This is the same Rachel who LIED to TM’s Mother Sabrina, right to her face, several times, and tried to avoid being interviewed by pretending she was only 16.

    The sister of Tracy Martin’s new girl friend, whose home TM was staying at, was arrested for possession of 25 pounds of Marijuana.

    You people want to believe in a lie so badly, and cannot see how you have been manipulated from the beginning into building pressure for a big Payday for this family of unethical people.

    And now Rachel has admitted that Trayvon likely hit Zimmerman first, but says he should have just accepted an “ass-whoopin…” like they do in Rachel’s sick, lower-class Black street culture.

    Oh, Really? because last I heard on the news, another dozen or so Black teens were shot by other Black teens during the past week, and they shot innocent kids also, who were only 5, 6 and 7.

    The two who shot the 6 year old girl were 16 and 17 years old, so shut the hell up with this crap that TM was “only a child” at 17, and could not have posed any danger. These days, 17 year old Black teenagers are more deadly than any other group.

    You have not learned anything from Tawana Brawley, the Duke Lacrosse Case and OJ Simpson…whenever you get in trouble from your own bad behavior, blame racism.

    • Wildmantis1 on July 24, 2013 at 3:08 pm

      Mr. Payne, millions of kids his age and younger, all exhibit many of those same actions and qualities that you speak of. Talking about getting guns is one thing, sure…however, in MY town, which was predominately white, many of the kids OWNED one or two themselves, and no, they weren’t all for hunting. The thing is, teens tend to live double lives. I don’t know the boy, I don’t know if he was a saint, but this candor that you and many on your side of the argument tend to imply is that the boy deserved what he got. Nobody really knows what started the physical altercation between Zimmerman and Trayvon, but the fact remains, that Zimmerman was instructed by law enforcement not to engage. Had the police been allowed to do their job in the first place, there would be no issue. Who knows, the kid may have actually been proven to have been doing something wrong, but now we’ll never know. We should instead, look at this situation from all angles including your own, and instead of using it as a point of debate (which in my experience had turned nasty a couple of times), we should use it as a way to help each other grow and progress as people, cross-racially. That is the ideal of America, and this division is not. There are black kids dying in the streets everyday, and no one wants to bat an eye at that, because to the otherwise white majority (not saying it’s you), the sentiment towards this teen has been quite negative, and at times even, quite offensive. If the boy had been talking about getting guns, oh well, but he had none….at least not ON him. What really hurts, is that a black man can be wrongfully accused for murder (Troy Davis), and it be globally known with many a nation lobbying for his release, and he’s still executed; a young black man can get of the train and get assaulted by police, and shot and killed while unarmed; a black woman in Florida can NOT shoot her crazy husband (of whom she had a restraining order against) but fire two warning shots into the ceiling, and get 20 years in prison, charged with “attempted murder”. How can anyone think that at some point, black people aren’t going to get tired of all the hypocricy? I wouldn’t expect any white man to just lie down and take it, any less than I would a black, brown, red or yellow man. Listen I hope this gives you a little bit of clarity as to why we are hurting. It’s not just about Trayvon, it’s about everything leading up to him. Let’s just….stop the damn violence. God bless.