Jane Leeves blasts fellow celebrity actresses with bad plastic surgeries

Jane Leaves, far right, on the sitcom "Frasier."
Jane Leaves, far right, on the sitcom “Frasier.”

Former “Frasier” star Jane Leeves has blasted the epidemic of cosmetic surgery which she says is turning  a generation of Hollywood women into grotesque “fish-faces.”

Leeves, 52, says she is one of the very few actresses in Los Angeles over the age of 30 who has not had cosmetic surgery.

“I don’t want to have some hideous surgery that’s not even going to guarantee me any work and could make me unemployable,’ she says. “People know how old I am, so it’s OK if I look my age.”

In a city that is awash in Botox, but where even the most obvious cosmetic surgery is supposed to be kept strictly secret, the plain-speaking Leeves is unafraid to name names.

“We all know who has and who hasn’t. There are some who look better than others, but you can tell at 50 paces,” she says. “I don’t blame people for going under the knife. If someone is known as a beauty and a sex symbol, they are under a lot of pressure to keep looking good. But it rarely turns out well. Plastic surgery can age people terribly — it always makes you look older in the end and can ruin careers.

Leeves goes on to blast a number celebrity women she said have had horrible plastic surgeries. Take a look.

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