Khloe Kardashian kicks Lamar Odom out of home because of extramarital affair

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

As the tunes of “I’m in Love With a Stripper” play in the background, we report that Khloe Kardashian has kicked her husband, NBA baller Lamar Odom, as their marriage dissolves because he has been allegedly carrying on an affair with a Washington D.C.-based stripper — for over a year, two separate media outlets report.

Odom has been cheating on Kardashian since at least January 2012 when he met 29-year-old brunette Jennifer Richardson at the Stadium Club gentlemen’s club in Washington, D.C., after playing a game for the Dallas Mavericks, and Star magazine report.

“Things have been very, very tense in the house for a great deal of time,” a source relayed “Khloe kicked Lamar out of their bedroom several months ago and he was sleeping in one of the mansion’s guest rooms.

“She fears Lamar has been cheating on her with various women. It really irked Khloe when Lamar was blatantly caught going to a strip joint.”

According to these outlets, Odom and Richardson were seen in a restaurant recently and it was obvious that the meeting was not platonic.

“Lamar and Jennifer ate dinner in an intimate booth together that night, then he took off her shoes and started rubbing her feet,” a friend of Jennifer’s tells the mag. “The chemistry between them was off the charts!”

Lamar soon left, Star alleges, but the night didn’t end there. Lamar allegedly called Jennifer at 3 a.m. and invited her back to his hotel room.

“As soon as she got there, he took her phone apart and put the pieces in different spots all around the room,” her friend reveals. “He actually took the battery out and the back off. She thought he was afraid that she would take photos or record him.”

With that out of the way, Lamar started “grabbing her butt and kissing her sweetly on the neck,” the friend says. “She said he was an amazing kisser.”

Although the two did not have intercourse, “they did everything else,” says the source,. “It was incredibly intimate.”

And it wasn’t just physical. “They talked all through the night and he really opened up to her,” the source reveals. For Jennifer, it was “very emotional and much more than a random thing. She was instantly smitten with Lamar.”

As Lamar headed into the playoffs and filming for the next season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” however, the couple drifted apart.

But when the Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs on May 3, Odom allegedly got back with Richardson to rekindle the illicit affair.

“She was angry, since he’d been missing for a couple months,” her friend explains. “It’s over. ”

The same could be said for Kardashian’s and Odom’s marriage, the magazine claims. Sources told Star that Odom moved out of their home around June 8, and still isn’t back.

Kardashian’s rep denies the affair ever happened, however, and Odom’s rep did not respond to inquiries.

Star magazine says a source is saying that “Khloe is freaking out, begging him to come back.”

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