Drake has more social media presence than Jay-Z, Kanye or Lil Wayne

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Drake has more power than any other artist in hip-hop.

At least, on social media platforms.

Networked Insights declared the Young Money superstar the rapper with the most social media presence. According to the company’s analysis, Drizzy bested fellow rap stars Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z and others. He landed at the number one spot due to the number of conversations regarding Drake on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and popular blogs over the past year.

Being that Drake hasn’t released an album this year, while the aforementioned rappers have all dropped high-profile releases in 2013, speaks volumes about how much attention the Canadian-born rhymer gets from fans and critics. Much can be attributed to his long-discussed beef with Chris Brown and perhaps even the bizarre rants of troubled actress Amanda Bynes–who has gone on several “I love him/I hate him” Twitter tirades about Drake that have landed on numerous gossip sites.

Interestingly, Rick Ross sparked more social media conversations than Jay-Z over the past year. A large portion of those conversations could have likely been due to the backlash and debate ignited by his “U.O.E.N.O.” verse, which sparked controversy and conversations about date rape back in February and March, and eventually led to his being dropped from his endorsement deal with Reebok.

According to USA Today, Drake was the subject of a total of 46,212,641 social conversations while the second-ranked Kanye West managed 25,418,362 social media-led conversations. Kanye’s Yeezus album and Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail boosted each rapper’s social media presence–both albums were responsible for roughly five million conversations online. Both were released over the past six weeks.

Here are the top-ranked rappers:

1. Drake – 46,212,641

2. Kanye West – 25,418,362

3. Lil Wayne – 22,052,209

4. Rick Ross – 16,113,915

5. Jay-Z – 16,022,820

6. 2 Chainz – 13,628,752

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