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Black woman struck by lightning 2 times inside grocery store and survives


There is a very small chance that a person will be struck by lightning. The odds are ridiculously lowered when considering it could happen twice as the person stands inside a grocery store. Lakeisha Brooks, 33, should consider herself lucky for beating such tremendous odds.

On June 15, the mother of four was shopping at the grocery store Rouses in Houma, Louisiana when she was hit by a bolt of lightning. The lighting blew her shoe off and Brooks began hopping around. While attempting to gather herself, Brooks was struck by another bolt of lighting.

She was taken to General Medical Center and survived her ordeal. Doctors treated her and she was released. Brooks later revealed that the lightning felt like “hot oil running down my leg.”

Local authorities in Houma believe the lightning came through the store’s sprinkler system.

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  1. moomoo on July 20, 2013 at 12:51 am

    Damn that lightning was being racist as hell, riot time we got to hold hmm I guess God responsible, he is being racist and using lightning as a weapon. Got to ban lightning.