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Beautiful celebs who were homeless


Beautiful celebs who used to be homeless

Claudette Ortiz has officially become the latest celeb to share that she’s been homeless. The City High singer and “R&B Divas”  cast member recently told BOSSIP that just before signing on for the program she was struggling to find a home for herself and her three children. According to Ortiz, she worked a series of odd jobs but ultimately couldn’t make ends meet.

“Prior to the show, I had really hit rock bottom and I was at a crossroads where I just had to [do the show]. All the little odd jobs that I was doing … those things were not enough to raise my children,” said Ortiz.


She then detailed the night she received a life-changing text message and an invitation to join the TV One reality show.

“I was having a rough night,” said Ortiz. “I had to leave the place I was at, and I was driving with the things in my trunk and my kids were asleep and I had nowhere to go.  … That night I was upset and I was crying. … That’s was when I got the text. I never wanted to be a part of reality shows because I never wanted to expose my children on anything like that.”

Like Ortiz, there are several other beautiful women who at one point were downtrodden and homeless.

Check out just a few of them below. -danielle canada

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