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Kanye attacked the same photographer Britney assaulted with an umbrella


It turns out the man Kanye physically attacked at LAX has a history of provoking pop stars and making money off of it.

The photographer who Kanye West attacked at LAX last Friday (July 19) is actually the same photographer who provoked Britney Spears to go postal with an umbrella back in 2007. Spears was in the middle of a very public meltdown six years ago when the photographer — who simply refers to himself as “Dano” — began to get aggressive with her on the street.

Spears infamously attacked his Ford Explorer with the umbrella and received a ton of bad publicity for what appeared to be more bizarre behavior. Similarly, West is now being criticized for physically attacking Dano at LAX after the paparazzo allegedly became aggressive with him last week.

According to TMZ, in the aftermath of the Britney incident Dano was savvy enough to keep the umbrella after she dropped it in the street and put it on eBay. He also auctioned off the dented Ford Explorer — and bidding surpassed $30k. He made unknown (but believed to be massive) amounts of money from selling video of the incident.

Dano allegedly wants to press charges against Kanye after last week’s altercation.