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Father of 5 fakes death to run away with his gay lover

eric myers

Eric Myers of Phoenix ran away from a wife and five kids and faked his death in order to live with his gay lover. According to reports by ABC News, Myers, 34 at the time, told his wife and kids that he was traveling to San Diego, Calif., for business during the summer of 1991.

However, Myers never returned. His wife went to the police to investigate his disappearance and there were search parties to find his whereabouts. After years of searching, Myers’ wife gave up hope and the family considered him dead.

Meanwhile, Myers had traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and eventually settled in Palm Springs, Calif., where he fell in love with a man. Myers changed his identity and only worked jobs that would not force him to give personal information.

However, back in Phoenix, his family was falling apart and his youngest daughter developed a severe addiction to alcohol. Sixteen years later, Myers eventually returned to his family’s home with his gay lover in tow. Now 30 years old, Myers’ daughter has yet to forgive her father and believes he is incapable of love.

Myers said he knew he was gay at the age of 6 and was uncomfortable as a heterosexual. However, his lies continue to affect his family today.

Although Myers’ wife used the money to set up trust funds for their children, Liberty Life Insurance is currently suing the family for the $800,000 they collected when Myers was declared dead.

Share your thoughts. Was Myers entitled to escape in order to live the life he felt comfortable with, or was he a coward for leaving his family?