A trip to the Great Wall of China

Munson and Christina Steed

Flying into Beijing the anticipation for seeing the Great Wall was overwhelming. We stayed at the St. Regis Hotel where we met with our translator Michelle. Getting to the Great Wall takes a 2-3 hour long trip. Along the way, we stopped at a traditional Chinese restaurant that offered farm fresh vegetables. Our translator Michelle was more than happy to answer questions and provided a wealth of knowledge that only a native would know.

Upon our arrival to the wall, there is a tran-rail that takes you up to the beginning of the wall. There is a market there where you can purchase trinkets, souvenirs and even Obama apparel. It was a surreal moment standing on that wall. I had seen it on television and read about it but in that moment, I became a part of history. I was standing on a part of Chinese legacy of greatness.

The world is full of places that remind us of greatness and power, go to them. Travel to a place where you can reflect on a bigger you and a bigger tomorrow.  The trip to the Great Wall was worth the 16-hour Delta flight and the three-hour journey through the majestic landscape. I became a part of history, a part of something greater than I could have imagined.


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