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7 reasons to attend the Steve Harvey’s annual Ford Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas

steve harvey The 11th annual Steve Harvey Ford Neighborhood Awards, formerly known as the Ford Hoodie Awards, is a three-day, multi-event extravaganza that draws upwards of 10,000 mostly African Americans from around the nation into the party capitol of the country, Las Vegas. Steve+Harvey+9th+Annual+Ford+Hoodie+Awards+BGfLSlQLPmXl

Most of us don’t need much of a reason to go kick on the famous Strip in Sin City — actually we don’t need any reason — but there are seven good reasons you should make the annual Ford Neighborhood Awards an annual priority to be a part of, starting with the fact that this is the only major awards event where the celebrities willingly flip the script: they  pay homage to the real heroes, the outstanding achievers and givers of our community.  

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