Why Lala Milan says Investfest made her feel ‘blessed, Black, beautiful’

Comedian says panel with Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry inspired her
Photo courtesy of Rolling Out.

The hilarious Lala Milan is a social media guru, entrepreneur and comedian who started out making content on Instagram and YouTube. Her following grew and she is now teaching others how to do the same.

Milan is among the many who were inspired to take her brand to the next level at the 2022 Investfest.

How do you feel after the panel with Tyler Perry?

Steve Harvey also made an appearance. Girl, I feel rich. I feel blessed. I feel Black and beautiful. Tyler Perry is amazing. He is definitely breaking down barriers for so many other people to be able to walk where we haven’t been able to before. He’s that dude. There’s nothing else to say.

What’s next for you as a businesswoman?

Next for me is dropping e-courses, which I’m super excited about. I’m going to be teaching people how they can get into social media from beginner to expert, because a lot of people know how to create content, but they don’t know how to be strategic with putting it out there so they [can] get in the algorithm. I also want to get into real estate [investing]. That’s what I got inspired to do over this weekend of being here. It’s one thing to make money, but now it’s time for my money to make money. That’s the other thing that I’m really looking forward to now. I’m also releasing a vaginal health care line. I got to take care of the kitty cats.

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