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Music » Remembering the legend: 10 songs that sample George Duke

Remembering the legend: 10 songs that sample George Duke


Music fans everywhere were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of jazz fusion giant George Duke. The famed keyboardist died in Los Angeles at the age of 67, though details of the circumstances surrounding his passing have been scarce. He leaves behind a rich musical legacy that saw his innovative blend of jazz, funk; soul and rock influence countless musicians that followed in his footsteps.

From the numerous jazz musicians that have revisited his work, to his productions with everyone from Jeffrey Osbourne to Jill Scott, “Dukey” was musically restless and unbelievably prolific.

Duke’s lush productions have been sampled and revisited by numerous artists, so in tribute to the late, great musician–and to those who may not know just how often his music is revisited–here are 10 good examples of artists sampling the staggering catalog of one of fusion’s brightest stars.

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