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Dawn Robinson defends Kelly Price

Dawn Robinson & Kelly Price - Cover

Every reality TV series needs a villain, but much to the surprise of many fans of “R&B Divas LA,” the role of villain on the show fell onto once-beloved singer Kelly Price, who has drawn major criticism from fans over her aggressive behavior on the show. But her cast mate, Dawn Robinson, is now coming to her defense and claiming that Price is heartbroken and undeserving of all of the hate she’s been receiving from fans.

“I’ve just been praying with Kelly because her heart is broken over what she sees of herself on the show. You build up a career to a certain point, you fought and battled through that career to be heard and seen. People talked about her weight and all the different things, and now to have a reality show tear you down?” said Robinson in an interview with

On the show, Price started off as one of the major sweethearts of the series and she even came up with the idea to bring all of the ladies together to do their own version of the Vagina Monologues called the “Not Your Mama’s Monologues.” But Price’s attitude changed drastically when many of the ladies, mainly Chante Moore and Lil Mo, grew tired of waiting on her to pull the plan together and brought in an outside director to lead the project. Price didn’t take kindly to the new guy at all and resorted to threats and intimidation tactics that seemed to be aimed at both the director and Moore.

However, Robinson claims that Price’s reaction was to be expected since the monologues were her idea and she already had a director of her own in mind.

“It’s like you come to everybody with an idea of your own, and then they just kick you out of the car and put someone else in place of who you have in mind. I think you’d be pretty pissed at that as well,” said Robinson.

Even though the season has yet to end, it appears that the ladies may not have settled their differences as a video floating around the web shows Price performing the monologues with just Robinson by her side.

“They want to show us fighting against each other. They want to show anger, the angry Black woman,” said Dawn. “That is not what I signed up for! I signed up for positivity.”

Granted, we understand Robinson’s logic about the monologues being Price’s baby, but her behavior was anything but respectful to the other ladies. Unfortunately, she’s not alone. Check out some other reality TV bad girls below. – nicholas robinson

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