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Sex 4 times a week usually equates to earning more money, study says


Those who have sex at least four times a week are usually happier and earn more money, a study says. Nick Drydakis of the Institute for the Study of Labor conducted a year-long sex survey of 7,500 Greek households. The survey took a look at how many times the subjects had sex, the number of hours they worked per week, and how much money they earned.

The study revealed that people who had more sex were happier and often had high self-esteem. But it also revealed that people who had more sex were more likely to earn higher wages.

Those who earn higher wages tend to be viewed positively when it comes to dating and often have more opprotunities to meet new people. Couples who earn more money usually aren’t burdened by financial issues and can focus more on the relationship.

However, a study can never serve as the absolute truth. There is no monetary value on true passion and love.